Friday, June 10, 2011

New and Upcoming Film Projects

In the spirit and in commemoration of the millions of men and women who gave their lives in defense of the principals of this American way of life, a special Independence Day project is underway. "56 Men" is the heart wrenching story of the 56 founding forefathers of America who risked life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to sign the one document that binds the entire country together as one people - "the Declaration of Independence".

The gripping story tell, in poignant detail, the trials and tribulations suffered by each patriot.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cast of "Cheerleading Days" C7B0tshaZUSME and its Entertainment Global Community Network (Supersc1)has been tapped to internationalize the content of the new Scott Hamilton Productions television series, "Cheerleading Days".

It has a stunning cast of beautiful ingenues as well as seasoned male leads in store. Here's a link to check them out: founder has been tapped for the honors to scribe the whole eventful and historical undertaking ((Hey, that's me!).

Hope we'll be able to convey to the world the significance of this whole affair. I'll keep you posted.

Kenny Beck


The athleticism involved with cheer leading is often forgotten or derided by a public fixated on images of bloody sport. As beads of sweat pour off their well toned, sinewy frames do they ever pause to contemplate what their doing this all for?

At times, all this effort, all this pain, suffering, all this hard work, seems like a thoughtless exercise in futility. It's rewards are meager, the ridicule, most times unnecessary and the accolades, far and few in between, yet these young ladies persist. They forge on in the midst of always unrelenting competition.

The specter of devastating injury looms large as well, so why do they do it?

For the most part, it seems pride is the answer. Pure and unmitigated pride. In one's team, in one's school and, most importantly, in one's self.

I have rarely ever witnessed this degree of unadulterated pride in one's total circumstance and being. It is something we could all use a dose of from time to time. Cheer leading is some serious stuff and many a young women lay their hearts right on the line when deciding to get involved in it.

Not only do they sacrifice their hearts but also the hearts and minds of those most dearest and connected to them, parents.

You read crazy stories sometimes, about a guardian who crosses the line while trying to insure their charge has every opportunity to compete on the “borderline”. That is the highest level one can compete on. I've read about the exchange of money, “favors”, drugs and even murder attempts when the competition is fierce. Seems a bit bizarre to most people, but who's to say what's really going in someone's twisted medulla oblongata. Life is peculiar that way. The seemingly, most normal looking individuals sometimes harbor the chilliest thoughts when it comes to someone they are close to.